Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lesbian's Struggle and Men's Fashion

If you're anything like me, covet seizes hold of your entire being when you walk through the men's section of Banana Republic or Express or J.Crew or... you get the point. And it sucks. Considerably. Cause if you've struggled with the inablitiy to fit men's clothes, you know when you do find that glorious women's item that sings to your soul, you won't be able to afford it because some high-end store made it. And then you sell yourself short. You buy items from PacSun and Converse and Delias, but deep down you know that you want to dress better... flyer. You want to be so much more eccentric! But the pickings are slim. The findings few and far between. *Sigh* They just have to save all the best color, textiles and simplicities for menswear, don't they?

And so, in true consumer-with-no-money fashion, I torture myself in this struggle. I go out of my way to look at men's items I can neither afford nor fit. But in this torturous venture, I'm still developing my own personal style, and I do make productive strides. My most productive stride to date: These men are my heroes. I can't tear myself away. Never in my life has a blog been so essential to my identity. The clothing items that these men put on their bodies... if I were to see it in a store on a hanger... I'd pass it up without a second glance. And in that, I've discovered that I need to learn to make things work. I need to have a better eye for what I want. I've always known the mall sucks, and then went there to shop anyway for convenience. No more. I'm in a major metropolitan area now. I don't need the mall! I have gay neighborhoods and quirky boutiques to get lost in. Yes, money will still be an issue. But being lost won't.

They love to roll their pant legs up... me too.

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