Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nightlife: Providence

Providence, RI, is a swell place, but not for everyone. If you're young, hip, with-it and looking for queer women of color, you will definitely find a little more than a handful. The issue remains: will you find a handful that's also your type. AND FURTHERMORE! Among those who are your type, will you be their type, too? If you're like me and you linger in the middle in terms of your gender expression, you'll definitely have a hard time--if not at first, then later. In my experience, couples in the clubs comprised of butch+femme, femme+femme, and butch+butch relationships. I, for one, need ambiguity. I, for one, did not find it. In fact, after dating 6 (yes, only 6) women, the incestuousness of dating in a small community started to really become an issue. Truthfully, it started to become an issue at 3, but I digress.

For those of you taking up residence in Providence, find a keeper and hold onto her tight! For those of you who are committed/married and moving to Providence, I think you'll have a groovy time. And for those of you passing through, you have nightlife options: Gallery and Platforms on Saturdays, and Lot 401 on Sundays.

Gallery is 21+, primarily for women and a mixed crowd. In all my life, I've seen one out and proud Native woman, and she was at Gallery, dancing her ass off... MC Hammer style, and rocking a jean jacket with a wolf/native design on the back and a feather in her hair. Made my night. Platforms is 18+, super QPOC (queer people of color) and unless it's overrun by Brown students, the crowds tend to be less friendly than Gallery, in my experience. And finally, Lot 401 (21+) has gay salsa night on Sundays. It's a great venue if you want to dance the night away with whomever your heart desires.

Lot 401                    Platforms                    Gallery
44 Hospital St.      165 Poe St.                  150 Point St.
02903                      02905                          02903

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