Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fashion Integrity: Socks

It's important to have fashion integrity. I know this because fashion designers have fashion integrity. Have you ever noticed that the most fabulous textiles are reserved for the lining to your jeans' pockets or your coat? Go into your closet and flip all your pockets inside out and look at the lining of your coats and tell me if many of them have something funky going on in there. Funky in a good way.

Well, ladies, it's also important for us to have fashion integrity, too... not just our pockets. Socks are an essential element to a snazzy gettup. (Underwear can slide. We can't always have bangin' underwear and your favorite pair probably look a hot mess.) When I'm dressing myself in the morning, sometimes I'll pick out an entire outfit around a pair of socks. Socks are fabulous. And rarely are white socks acceptable. When it comes to socks... there are no excuses.

That's not to say a good pair of foot huggers are easy to come by. There are a few risks you run to owning edgy socks. One, if you're feet are like mine and they wear socks down like sandpaper, the delicate socks with the groovy colors aren't going to last unless you have a rock solid sock rotation regimen (lol). Two, edgy socks aren't the status quo, and therefore, tend to be a bit more expensive (thank goodness for T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and department stores). But! If your shoe size is an 8 or larger, the world of men's socks is open to you! And boy do they have a lot to offer. My recent sock find was from Macy's, and though it cost me $18 for a pack of six, they have thick, cushy soles and feel wonderful on my feet!

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