Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Charmain Johnson: Holding It Down

Charmain Johnson is a name that should be known in every queer woman of color household. And if you've haven't heard it already, you're bound to run across it sooner or later. Charmain is going places but not in mainstream queer culture. She's holding it down for LGBTQ women of color.

Charmain hit the ground running in 2006 with Beyond Black and White: Perspectives on Skin Shades in the African Diaspora. She moved on to more queer things in 2007 with Pieces of a Love Affair, and doesn't seem to be looking back. This short film is about a latina, Toni, and her memories of a love affair she had with another latina. In the same year, The Lovers and Friends Show came to light, and is still rolling. In the works (according to AfterEllen) are two spinoffs. One follows Sasha, Yasmin's closeted, homophobic sister, who moves to Atlanta, and the other stars Holloway (who reminds me of Omar from The Wire in some ways), a lesbian drug-lord who has a tight grip on Kai's baby brother. For a comprehensive list of Charmain's projects, check her out at Insyte Productions.

My only complaint for Charmain is accessibility(!). Charmain, why can't I get my hands on most of your projects?! All I'm saying is that LOGO needs to get its shit together and stop showing RuPaul's Drag Race 24/7 and make room for some QWOC, feel me?

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  1. I agree with the LOGO piece and the accessibility piece.