Monday, November 15, 2010

Learning a Lezzin'?

So, the New York Post is trying to be cute. Trying. Because being cute is appropriate when someone receives a death threat, right? Founding Principal of the Academy for Social Action, Crystal Simmons, had an affair with Assistant Principal Candy Jones. After having had an affair and it ended, Candy threatened to kill Principal Simmons upon receiving a poor performance evaluation. Simmons, concerned for her safety, reported the threat to the Department of Education and the police. However, the case was closed because police did not witness the harassment, the report said. And of course, both women are getting fired for having a romance--nevermind a school employee is threatening to kill people. All of this stinks of sexism and homophobia because apparently abusive behavior between two women isn't as much of an issue as two women who work together having sex. To top it all off, Crystal Simmons founded the Academy for Social Action "to cultivate, educate, and graduate tomorrow's leaders while inspiring them to shape the many communities in which they reside," and to inspire students to become "college-bound family and community leaders who are concerned for the rights and welfare of others, socially responsible, and confident in their capacity to make a difference." The score? Politics 1, students 0.

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