Friday, November 12, 2010

Lip Service BBC

There is little that I won't put up with for the sake of LET (lesbian entertainment television). Afterall, I hate reality TV but adore Gimme Sugar. It's two-fold. One side of me is a super-lezzy who supports anything of a truly homogay nature. And the other side is like a child without a role model; I burn holes into the TV screen in search of color. I can't help myself. I need affirmation. I need to be represented. I HAVE NEEDS! And if the show is international, particularly from a country with better race relations than the USA (I'm looking at you, Britain), I have certain expectations. I've recently started watching Lip Service, and I'm hoping they'll meet my expectations. After the first four episodes, I'm already slightly tired of the relentless drama. But I think I'll be able to hang in there. Especially since the endearing Tessa, in search of love and affection, is having fateful interactions with a mysterious lezbo of color (who'd be 10 times sexier with natural hair #justsaying). Lip Service will probably be short lived. The Brits don't drag on television shows like we 'Muhricans. Their lives don't revolve around it. Seasons have a few episodes and run for a few years. No Law & Order: SVU's over there. And that's just the way it is.

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