Monday, September 20, 2010

Queer Women of Color socialize in Boston

During my foray in the Northeast, there are a number of things I didn’t take advantage of that I wish I did. The number one thing I let slip by: QWOC+Boston. QWOC+Boston is exactly what you’re thinking, an LGBTQ+Allies social organization specifically for queer women of color. There are a number of reasons I didn’t make it to any of their events: I worked full time with few vacations, you have to RSVP (I’m not one to plan ahead), many of their events aren’t free, and I really had no one to go with and wasn’t brave enough to go alone. But if you live in the Boston area (residents of nearby cities included!), you should not be like me, and actually stop on by! The level of organization and visibility of this group is admirable and refreshing. You go, girls!

Check out QWOC+Boston’s website for events and volunteer opportunities!

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