Friday, September 10, 2010

I really need to digress again...

As some of you may know, I posted about HooRooRook 3 days ago, and I mentioned my parents finding it at Super H Mart in Doraville, GA. Well... after getting lost several times on my bike in the Georgia heat wearing my new suede-backed vintage vest (thank heavens I'm from the deep south)... I found Super H Mart and took a gander for myself. It comes as no surprise that all my parents had to tell me was the produce was good-looking--they're easily distracted (it's endearing, I admit). Super H Mart, in a few words, is Sam's Club on some serious crack.

TO START! They're produce section is fly. It takes up 1/3 of the store. If my parents can go through an entire, big-ass store and the one thing that sticks out most in their minds is the very first thing that they saw, then word. Not to mention, they had $0.79/lb. Gala Apples and 24 oz. plastic containers filled to the top in cut pineapple for $1.99... What? I said they had 24 oz. plastic containers filled to the top in cut pineapple for $1.99. Feel free to take a minute cause I'm just getting started.

MOVING ONWARD! As noted above, I'm from the deep south. I love meat. It's true that living in Rhode Island for nearly 5 years has made me more of an omnivore, and I'm proud of that. Nothing like reducing health risks with veggies. But one reason for less meat in my diet was the price of it. Yeah, well, try the healthiest looking chicken you've ever laid eyes on for $1.99/lb. Chicken is nearly, if not more than, $4/lb. at your average grocery store. Walmart will have it cheaper. Regardless, all these stores' meat look sickly compared to H Mart. No yellow flesh and gooey excess here! Also, there's affordable, gorgeous seafood everywhere. Huge salmon fillets for $7.99. However, if you're sensitive to raw fish heads, frozen cow heads wrapped in plastic wrap and large bottles of frozen beef blood, you might want to steer clear of this section.

AND FINALLY! Super H Mart is a korean mart, yes. But it's more accurate to say that Super H Mart is an ethnic foods mart (indeed, on crack). If you're looking for kitchen-ware, and name brand cereals, condiments, seasonings, sausages, canned goods, hygienic products, etc., you have plenty of options to choose from. The rice section, in true people-of-color fashion, is so large that it stretches from before to after the cashier counters. And of course they had a 25 lb. bag of thai jasmine rice for $19.99. I mean... why the hell not, right? Swad indian spices (no madras curry though, womps). Tabasco hot sauce. Louisiana Hot Sauce. Tropicana. Jarritos sodas. An entire isle dedicated to italian/american-style noodles. A ton of campbell's soup... not sure what that's about. Candies from all over the asian world. Name-brand hair and skin products. Anything under the sun that's been dried: peppers, little fishies, things i've never seen before.

Jk! I'm not finished. There's a food court at the end of the store, and I'm not talkin' Mickey-D's. I'm talkin' 5 restaurants and plenty of sushi and stir-fry to go around. After that, a jewelry shop half-dedicated to Hello Kitty. Then, a futon/fancy massage tables shop. Then a furniture shop with a beautiful chinese medicine cabinet for $350 (I have my eyes on it, don't you worry). And then refrigerators? Yup. One designed especially to store kimchi. Ok, now I'm finished.

It has dawned on me that Super H Mart is not just versatile in it's food selections. It's also versatile in who it's serving. Unlike Sam's Club, you don't need a fancy membership or awkward hours, depending if you're a business or personal shopper. Super H Mart serves both, and obviously caters to various types of asian restaurants. Holla, Super H Mart. I SEE YOU!

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  1. randomly spotted. thanks for good words for Hmart!
    - someone from somewhere in NJ, working hard for the next store openings..