Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Clothing Warehouse: Atlanta

I'm one of those people who constantly needs to evolve. After every summer during my school days, there was something different worth noting about me. Dated a girl and it didn't work out? Change the hair. Feeling trapped in my own closet? Buy something I wouldn't normally wear. Fashion-wise, I've always had an idea of what I'd like my wardrobe to look like but have never really had the time, money or resources to make it a reality. And finally(!), I've found a place that will suit my needs... for now. In my foray into gay Atlanta, I happened upon Little Five Points, and the fabulous thing about this small gay neighborhood is its plethora of vintage/secondhand/urban clothing stores (not to mention the Afrocentric stores, pizza parlors, and a swell feminist bookstore). And let me tell you, there are things I really missed about the south... like really... It's cheaper to be here.

And that brings me to my great find! My starting piece that will launch me into a beautiful world of quirks and cross-dressing! My new vest:

It appears to be homemade, which is great because that will just help me when I'm ready to buy a sowing machine and start making my own damn clothing. Let's face it, looking good is very expensive. Unless, of course, you live in the south; then, it's just kind of expensive. I got this piece from The Clothing Warehouse for $26.

Little Five Points: The Clothing Warehouse

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