Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ramen wishes

Disclaimer: this is off-topic. But to those of you who know me personally (and well, at that) know that deep down, I'm a fatty at heart. And so naturally, I couldn't resist posting this.

I recently moved to Atlanta. I'm jobless, broke and am trying to start an MSG (monosodium glutamate) free diet. MSG is the devil, and the FDA doesn't require manufacturers to put MSG in the ingredients label if it doesn't exceed a certain percentage. It can effect short term memory, can increase cramping in women during menstruation, cause severe headaches, promote weight gain, so on and so forth. What all this means: I pretty much have to shop at Trader Joe's to get many of my foods. Translation: groceries will be ridiculously expensive.

But not all is lost. In my parents' foray to find the nearest Walmart to my apartment, they ran across Super H Mart. And what a find it was! H Mart is a Korean emporium that, according to my parents (who grew up in rural areas, mind you), had the most beautiful produce they've ever seen. But perhaps even better than that: HooRooRook! HooRooRook is Ramen on crack, with NO MSG!, lower (stress on "-er") sodium levels, and... better flavor? That's right! It tastes better! The whole experience was quite mystifying. When I opened the package, the noodles were in a flat circle instead of a square, and there were three flavor packets instead of one. One of the packets even had a slew of veggie bits... and not carrots and peas like Cup Noodles... I'm talkin' zucchini, onion, seaweed, red pepper, ginger etc. And on top of all that, the noodles aren't mushy! What? Delicious.

$1/pack, people. I feel lied to.

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