Monday, January 10, 2011

Between Women

What do you think of when you hear Between Women... ?

The show "Between Women" brings to life all of the events that altar our lives as individuals, as friends, as lovers and partners... the drama, lies, mystery, friendship, betrayals, secrets, passion, loyalty, and love that comes within any group of women. Based in Atlanta, the circle is comrpised of a variety of women that weave an intricate balance to each other's lives. Between Women showcases the tests and trials that can infiltrate on a circle of friends and their strength and will to go thru it and maintain a level of trust, honor, and commitment with each other.

Brought to you by Mad Studio Productions, Between Women provides an honest look at love and friendship laced with humor, sexiness, and fun. Go there if you dare... Between Women! 

See also, Broken Silence.

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