Sunday, January 23, 2011

Spike Lee Protege Takes Sundance by Standing Ovation

I've wrote earlier about the short film Pariah that I was (and still am) dying to see. Well, the extended version made it to Sundance 2011, got 4.1/5 stars on the Sundance site and went so far as to receive a standing ovation. 

At the club, the music thumps, go-go dancers twirl, shorties gyrate on the dance floor while studs play it cool, and adorably naive 17-year-old Alike takes in the scene with her jaw dropped in amazement. Meanwhile, her buddy Laura, in between macking the ladies and flexing her butch bravado, is trying to help Alike get her cherry popped. This is Alike’s first world. Her second world is calling on her cell to remind her of her curfew. On the bus ride home to Brooklyn, Alike sheds her baseball cap and polo shirt, puts her earrings back in, and tries to look like the feminine, obedient girl her conservative family expects. 

With a spectacular sense of atmosphere and authenticity,
Pariah takes us deep and strong into the world of an intelligent butch teenager trying to find her way into her own. Debut director Dee Rees leads a splendid cast and crafts a pitch-perfect portrait that stands unparalleled in American cinema.


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