Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Women Artists Sweep Best of 2010 NYC Arts

Still from Shirin Neshat's Women without Men

G. Roger Denson

For at least a decade, arguably two, there's been ample evidence that an avant-garde not only still exists in contemporary art, but that it's comprised almost exclusively of women. If women's art provokes the strongest reactions, pro and con, it's largely because women have made sexuality and gender not just the subject and context of their art, but the medium to be modeled to suit new social realities and identities. Certainly the strongest work exhibited in New York in 2010 was overwhelmingly by women and reflecting feminist perspectives on sex and gender, to the extent that in every contemporary category I could summon to mind, work by women stood out commandingly.

What y'all know about that?  Shirin Neshat's flick Women without Men has a viewing on Jan. 22nd at the High Museum of Art. I need to work at this place...

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