Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Distinguished Cravat

Where do I begin? ... My foray into neck attire started at a young age with chokers. I still love chokers, but during my college years, I got (very) lazy with my devotion to accessories. [But let's be real, that didn't stop me from reppin' Louisiana with my signature belt buckles.] Now, thanks to Daniel Cremieux's knitted ties--and the resurgence of knitted ties in general--I'm regaining momentum... fervor even. And to celebrate, my next item of purchase is scheduled with Distinguished Cravat.

"Handmade neck attire, that is the evolution of many revolutions, overall a true dedication to the elevation of young minds"

Distinguished Cravat was started by Kate Ross in March 2009, and specializes in "neck attire." The best part: no gender classifications (at least, not that I've noticed). Just groovy attire, for groovy people. Do as you will. And I don't know about y'all, but I'm excited to get my swag on with this jewel of a designer... as soon as I can afford it...


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