Sunday, October 31, 2010

Let's Talk about Sex

Most people who have sex like sex. And if you are having sex and don't like it, you may be doing it wrong. Just saying. But since we're on the subject, I have something very important to tell you about: Good Vibes. When I first started exploring the toy aspect of my sex life, or rather when I first started exploring whether I wanted a toy aspect, I turned to Smitten Kitten. I found the name and website approachable. And because they made my foray into lesbo sex toys so smooth and unobtrusive, I repay them with the greatest gift I can give--loyalty. And just let me say this: first time sex shop experiences for semi-ex-Catholics is much less traumatizing than the first visit to the gynecologist. Back to online sex shops... 

I've realized that it's time for the Smitten Kitten to share some love, and let Good Vibes into my life for one reason and one reason only: they allow customers to purchase porn podcasts for a third of the price of buying a DVD. And so that thing that's been on my mind for months now (that whole explore the real lesbian porn scene thing to see if I actually don't like it or just needed to see it done right) suddenly becomes affordable and more convenient all at once. Honestly, I'm 23 years old, and I live with people who aren't my lovers (or gay for that matter). What do I need a DVD for? I'm not going to be watching it in the living room. 

This all brings me to that second very important thing to tell you about: Tight Places: A Drop of Color. O-M-G. There, I've said it. Now, when some blossoming queer asks you where she can find quality lesbian porn by and for lesbians, you won't have to say, "Ummmmm... Crash Pad?" For less than $11, my iTunes is fully equipped with a podcast of sexy women of color and a sexy ftm getting it on in the Bay.

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