Wednesday, August 18, 2010

American Apparel on the Brink of Bankruptcy

If it does happen, I’ll be among the first in line to nab some overpriced hipster clothing for what it’s worth. Oh yeah, and I’ll be sad to see it go. But not for its wonderful mens clothing that I wish fit me better, or its fabulous “unisex” items (which are still mens, and don’t fit me just as well). No, not for that. The real reason: one in three American Apparel employees is undocumented and not underpaid. Or was. Last year, police raided the AA factory in Los Angeles, and according to the company’s CEO, Dov Charney, this significantly contributed to the company’s current financial hardship. And though I’d love to applaud the guy for his “Legalize LA” and “Legalize Gay” campaigns, the man is downright sexist… and I hate to name-call… but what else do you call a man who refers to his models as “sluts” and “whores” and then defends himself with “some of us love sluts”? … AND he’s a bigot! Who tells store managers to only hire “classy black girls, with nice hair, you know”? … Well, actually, he’s not as alone as we’d all like him to be on that one.

But back to Charney’s assertion that the raid is the cause of his company’s financial problems. Anyone can glance at the creeper’s track record and deduce in a matter of seconds that sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits have eaten away at the pockets of American Apparel. Oh, and Dov, I think that 10% drop in store sales might also be a contributing factor. I guess trading low pay and poor work conditions for your crazy ass has its pros and cons… On second thought, I don’t think I’ll be waiting in any line. And for AA employees’ sake, I hope Dov Charney is all that they lose.

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