Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lezzie Gear: Chrome comes to NYC

Chrome NYC, http://www.chromebagsstore.com/

What's a lesbian without her gear? Bags, kicks, ties, rainbows. Maybe a bandana or two. Some button downs. Let’s be real, a white v-neck or two or seven. And why not throw in a few vests and sweaters? I’ll be the first to admit I own all of the above (well… technically they’re scarves, but whatever, it’s gay). And yet, of all my lezzie gear, my Chrome bag is by far my most prized possession. What self-respecting lesbian can resist a bag with a built in bottle opener? Plenty can. Cause they’re damn expensive. But I’m happy to have made the lifetime investment. I don’t tire of bags easily (I’m still using the book bag I got my sophomore year of high school). And if you’re main mode of transportation is a classic road bike, you just look official with a Chrome bag on your back.

Candace (my bike)? Check. Kicks? Check. Rainbow? Check.
Chrome bag? Check. Lez go!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Chrome, it's a San Francisco (duh) based cycling gear manufacturer. Of course, it was started by some guys in a garage. And of course, all the indie kids have one (not that I'm indie). You don’t see them too often outside of the west coast, but that may be changing, and fast. Chrome has officially launched another flagship store in, as Alicia Keys would say, Neeewww Yooooorrrk! I’m personally not a huge fan of NYC, I’m from the south (meaning grass trumps concrete) and am relocating to Atlanta come September. But this is super exciting news for all those east coast urban cyclists and messengers. I’m even excited for them! … As long as no one gets the orange and sky mini-metro messenger bag. Can’t be crampin’ my style…

I doubt I’ll get to visit before my departure, but if you’re in the city, definitely check them out at 238 Mulberry Street. I’m almost jealous.

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