Friday, October 15, 2010

Staceyann Chin's Performance at Spelman College

I once again had the privilege of seeing One Miss Staceyann Chin, but this time at Spelman College. I know that she was excited to be there: women of color dominated (understatement) the auditorium, and people were comfortable with (and didn't have to be taught) call-and-response, and we weren't afraid to laugh when she made light of her experiences. And though she kept going on and on about having babies and being committed, she still singled me out, again, and this time... she touched me (squeal!). I see you, Chin. But seriously, what better way to skip dinner and spend an evening? Unfortunately, she only performed one poem (mostly performing excerpts from her memoir), but that one poem, at the very end, made my heart stop.

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