Monday, April 11, 2011

That's What She Said Confirms Season 2

That's What She Said has confirmed that they will grace us with a second season!

TWSS in 2011
Monday, February 21st, 2011 

Hello there. 

It’s been quiet around here, we know. Pearl Girls Productions has been working on a documentary project which you’ll certainly hear about, and, as always, there’s a lot going on outside of TWSSland. People getting degrees, publishing novels, preparing art exhibits, planning events… but we definitely have not forgotten about TWSS!

We have great news– Season 2 of That’s What She Said has fiscal sponsorship from Visual Communications, which means we’ll be eligible to apply for grants! And future donations ($25 and up) will be tax-deductible! 

We’re going to start working on TWSS2 later this year. Thanks to everyone who still checks in on us from wherever you are in this big ol’ world, and thanks to those friends who continue to ask and remind us about Season 2. We’ll post more goodies here eventually! In the meantime, mosey on over to Formspring, Twitter, and Facebook to play with us.


- Narinda

P.S.– Some of the ladies of PGP will be holding a workshop at the Queer People of Color Conference at UC Riverside April 8-10. Come say hello!

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