Wednesday, December 1, 2010

That's What She Said [****]

Oh, the lesbian webseries! The easiest window into media within your own community. If it weren't for the LNF Show (now in its fourth season), I would not have heard the likes of Khaos Da Rapper or Charmain Johnson. And now a new series has hit the ground running in 2010. Pearl Girls Productions brings us its first major production, a new webseries with an all Asian-American cast. Groovy. Quirky. A bit awkward, but absolutely endearing. That's What She Said is about a midwestern lez named Nicole "Nic" Tran who relocates to L.A. after being caught kissing her best friend and shunned by her family. In L.A. she meets a diverse group of friends (Rae-Anne "Rae" Constantino, Babette "Baby" Liu, Leslie Park, and Shin Tanaka), gets thrown into the gay scene there and (you know) drama ensues. So far there are 13 webisodes averaging about 5 minutes each. What I like most about this series is that it boasts women from various ethnic backgrounds, including those from southeast Asia. While she waits for more episodes, Lady gives That's What She Said 4 stars out of 5.