Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zanele Muholi: A Visual History of Black Lesbians in post-Apartheid South Africa

Today, I ran across a post by theGAQ about Zanele Muholi, a South African lesbian artist. I haven't heard of her before but she definitely reminds me of an artist I first stumbled upon in Juxtapoz, Kehinde Wiley (and as GAQ points out as well). Wiley uses the old master painting style to paint portraits of black men. In "Faces and Phases," Muholi photographs black lesbians in black and white, which sometimes brings to mind early photography.

"In Faces and Phases, I continue to document and explore black lesbian identities through portraiture, where the participants are photographed in their various domiciles. One of our collective painful experiences as a community is the loss of friends and acquaintances through disease or hate crimes. Some of these participated in my visual projects. What is left behind now is the individuals' portraits that works as a site of memory for us, as a trace of 'who and what existed' in a particular space at this particular moment when our black lesbian and South African histories intersect."

You can read her artist's statement here.

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  1. I am Ingrid Figueira and coming from Suriname and I have the same problem. After the situation with my husband Desi Bouterse. I understand the artist behaviour in anyway of the lesbian movement of Suriname.