Monday, December 6, 2010

UO Getting Cray

Urban Outfitters used to be that place with a satisfactory selection in womenswear, covetable menswear, groovy apartment amenities and funny, sometimes inappropriate books. Now, Urban Outfitters is starting to look like Hipster Depot. They sell, in addition to the things mentioned above, bikes and vintage clothing and hair care and skin care and beauty products and... Was I asleep or did this all happen more or less fairly recently? The downside is that Urban Outfitters is losing focus. The last thing they want to be is a depot. If you're too big, it's hard to make everything great, because there's that whole you're-not-specialized-anymore thing. Complaints aside, on my most recent visit, UO was on point in the shoe, scarf and sweater departments. But then again, so are a lot of stores right now. (It seems Native textiles are in this season... I don't know how I feel about that.) But if there was anything that took my breath away it was this bag:


And magically, I'm into rucksacks. The bag is made by The Brothers Bray and Co., a UO+Billykirk collaboration. And let me tell you... all I want to do now is craft leather.

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