Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Idiot Brother [AKA My Idiot Brother]

I've officially had a crush on Rashida Jones the last two days. I didn't much care for her in The Office. But I've since discovered that Ms. Jones (swoon) has that looks-funny-in-a-sexy-way look that I absolutely cannot resist. Ya know... that God-broke-the-mold look. A male example would be John Legend. And I also dig her name. When I marry, I plan on keeping my last name, unless of course my fiancée is a Jones...

Anyway, mega-monstrosity-of-a-blog AfterEllen informs me Rashida will be playing a butch lesbo in the upcoming comedy Our Idiot Brother. And can I just say, look how cute she is!!!

I'm digging the specs mighty hard, too. The film releases August 26th, just before my birthday (someone best be writing that down). That is all.

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