Wednesday, April 20, 2011

15 Most Powerful Gays of Color

GBM's Response To MSN’s All-White ‘Wonderwall’ Feature (which in turn is lacking in women...)

By Nathan James


Recently, MSN TV posted their “Countdown: 15 Most Powerful Gay Celebrities” slideshow list online, as a way of highlighting the progress of the LGBT community in contemporary society. Yet, as I looked through it, I was surprised, to say the least, that there wasn’t a single gay or lesbian celebrity of color on it. Not one. It was, to me, as if all the black, Latino, Asian, and other minority gay celebrities were hiding in plain sight. I talked with my editor about how our minority gay celebs were conspicuous by their absence, and he challenged me to do a list of 15 that I felt would remedy this. So here it is, my fifteen picks for the most powerful minority gay celebrities in America today. I’m hoping it will provoke a spirited dialogue among all who see my choices. Let the debate…begin.

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