Tuesday, May 24, 2011


As a lezzer blogger who lives under a rock, I have just found out some exciting news from a friend! An annual Queer Arts and Music Festival in Atlanta called MondoHomo is going down May 26th-30th. It is the South's queer art, spoken word, dance party, hip-hop-electro clash, politics, film, BBQ, circus arts, theater, music, burlesque, social action diversity-lovin' festival of fun queer space. That sounds fantabulously gay, amiright? And it gets better... most of the events are FREE!!! I'm particularly excited to see D.C.'s lost bois (I blogged about b.steady of lost bois some time ago) and have a gander at some New Orleans (represent) artists. 

Their manifesto:

Whereas we believe that the New South is rising with a battlecry of justice, glorious diversity, power to the people, and a groundswell of creativity; 

We seek to bring together queers and allies from the South and across the nation to celebrate the culture, music and arts of independent queer artists and performers! 

We seek to expand the boundaries of queer identity and indie culture, and to forge broad alliances among queers, indie artists, and activists; 

We seek to spread the anti-consumerist DIY/punk ethic of no experts, I’ll do it myself, thanks; 

We seek to make political change through art and music, and to make art and music that is fundamentally politically; 

We seek to share skills, ideas, strategies, resources, and most of all, the music and arts we love; 

We seek to support and embolden all those who oppose corporate takeovers of our cities and cultures, and our country’s pervasive and systemic racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and denial of equality to all those considered ‘different’. 

Most of all we seek a revolution we can dance to! 

Check out their schedule of events!

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