Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I think I just had a heart attack. BuskFilms is queerly original and... ya know... Netflix on some serious lady-gay crack. That's right folks... there's a website out there that streams independent lesbian films. What? You heard me. You can watch lesbo movies til your heart's content. Or... if you're an independent filmmaker... get your ish watched  (and get paid at the same time)! The movie-lover in me definitely just had an orgasm. The films are available for rent online with a price comparable to On-Demand. Not exactly cheap, but it is in support for a community that's ever gaining ground. The shear accessibility of these films is nothing like I've seen in the lady-gay community before. Perhaps I'll finally get to see Pariah, or the many other indie flicks I couldn't get my hands on no matter how hard I tried. HOOZAH!

This video is NSFW.

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