Thursday, May 5, 2011

Krystle Warren

Soooo good! Just... don't compare her to Tracy Chapman. Don't do it. Resist.

Krystle Warren on herself:

I'm from Kansas City, Missouri. I'm an American musician on a French label, (Because Music). I like being one of the few artists on this thing that you can actually contact, reach. However, I do not like cheese, or vinegar, or loads of other things. J'adore steak frittes, j'adore magret de canard. Miam, miam, miam. When I get a moment to myself - an' am in close proximity to a decent internet cafe, I like to read the notes you send an' respond accordingly. I also like to change my headline, (I think about good quotes I could use all day long actually) an' switch up my "Sounds Like" video from time to time, usually placing something there that has no fucking relation, (or it posseses a similar/dead on perspective/point of view - I'm tricky this way) to what it is that I do an' that I just simply find worthy of viewing for hilarious/moving purpose. Oh, I'm also around to figure out a thing or two.

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