Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lenny Kravitz to play Cinna in The Hunger Games Movie

There's been some "controversy" about Lenny Kravitz being cast for the role of Cinna (read: because he's black). Director Gary Ross said that it was Lenny’s performance in the movie Precious that impressed him and that's what landed Lenny the quiet, understated role of Cinna in the upcoming movie The Hunger Games. I was never into teen book series until I got into The Hunger Games, courtesy of NPR. But first, a look at Lenny Kravitz as (sexy) nurse John in Precious:

I'm tempted to pat the casting director on the back, and am kind of relieved someone learned from the hoop-la surrounding The Last Airbender (what a effing disappointment), but then I remember it's ridiculous that race is still a big issue in movie casting. Last I checked, lots of white people watch Madea. Lots. And movies with black stars for leads aren't written off as black movies for black people (you need at least two black people for that and a plot involving a stuck-up black woman who needs a man...*insert sarcastic face*). Anyway, I'm excited for Lenny, and this movie! I still haven't finished the final book of the trilogy, but it's officially on my list.

P.S. Thank goodness they had the sense to get Rue right. Like all characters in the books, her race wasn't designated. But her complexion was.

P.P.S. When you're reading a book and a character's race isn't specified, do you automatically picture them as white?

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