Thursday, June 23, 2011

Zuna Institute Publications: Black Lesbians Matter

Black Lesbian Matters,” report is a quantitative study on the Black lesbian community. The creation of this report was a year long process of developing the survey, conducting focus groups, and finally writing the report. This  report, “Black Lesbians Matter,”  is an examination of the unique experiences, perspectives, and priorities for the Black Lesbian Community. The report focuses on five key priorities: Aging, Health, Identity, Family, and Invisibility. 

Francine Ramsey, Executive Director of Zuna Institute says, "This report is the result of year long process, and will lay the foundation for constructive dialog and the creation of an effective collection of strategies that will address the needs of the Black Lesbian community."


And can I just say, I want so badly to meet and speak with the women of Zuna Institute. I've been looking for older lesbians of color as mentors for ages. Ages! Maybe I should just move to Sacramento...

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