Sunday, July 18, 2010


Welcome to Kandəke (CAN-DUH-KEE), a blog designed by a queer woman of color, for queer women of color, predominantly about queer women of color culture, media and life in general. All readers are welcome!

Kandeke is a play on kandake (also, kantake), an ancient Nubian word meaning Nubian warrior queen. This word survives in English today as the name Candace. I chose this word not only because of its empowering attachment to well-respected, uncompromising women in ancient African civilization, but also because Africa is the cradle of civilization, and as such, all-encompassing. I wish that, through this blog, I can offer a space for women of color to know what’s out there by them, for them; to openly celebrate LGBTQ culture, life and progress; and to simply pass the time.

I can only hope this blog will be as much fun for you to read and discuss as it is for me to research and write it. Shall we begin?

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